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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Borrowers

Find quick answers to frequently asked questions from prospective borrowers. Please feel free to contact us for answers to additional questions.

How is my rate determined?

​​​Rates vary depending on your real estate investment experience and track record, your FICO score, your LTV, and other factors.

How fast can we get funded?

Loans can be funded in as fast as eight days.

How much experience do I need to apply with Algent?

Generally, borrowers undergoing their very first project are eligible. Some terms and offerings, such as DSCR cash-out refinances, are only available to experienced borrowers.

Can individuals apply for loans?

Yes. Algent lends to individuals and businesses based in the United States.

Can I refinance into a longer-term loan with Algent?

Yes! We create and maintain long-term relationships with borrowers by offering transitional bridge loans and later refinancing into longer-term financing.

Where is Algent headquartered?

Our parent company, Altisource Asset Management (NYSE ticker AAMC), is located in the United States Virgin Islands. Algent is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

Who runs lending operations at Algent?

Algent consists of a highly experienced management team, a board of directors, and operation teams in the United States and India. Read more about our ​​leadership

What is Algent’s relationship to Altisource Asset Management Corporation (AAMC)?

Altisource Asset Management Corporation (AAMC) is the parent company of Algent. Our combined goal is to provide liquidity and capital to underserved markets.

Let’s Grow Together

As your lending partner, we can help you build the future of your business. Now is the time to take your first steps with Algent.