Less Red Tape

Algent specializes in private credit lending solutions for brokers and their real estate investor clients. Our goal is to provide a faster and easier alternative to real estate financing than a traditional bank, backed by customizable terms and speed-to-close. We’ve underwritten over 30,000 loans and mortgages, so we know what it takes to get your deal done.

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What We Offer

Bridge/Fix and Flip

With attractive terms like LTC up to 90%, interest-only fixed rate bridge loans, and blanket loans, we offer customized flexible funding solutions for multifamily and small balance CREs.

New Construction

From interest-only payments to a more efficient draw process, Algent offers more favorable terms, quicker access to capital, and more custom options.

Rental Properties

Help your clients generate income with tailored solutions that include interest-only DSCR loans and blanket loans for both single and multifamily properties.


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