Securing a competitive deal will often hinge on your lender’s timeliness. With the ability to fund loans in as fast as 8 days, our process moves quickly so you can, too.

Loan Application (Day 1)

Collect borrower and property information; identify product and pricing options; issue disclosures.

Processing (Day 3)

Order appraisal and title reports; review borrower and property details; prepare file for submission to underwriting.

In-House Underwriting (Day 5)

Conduct borrower and property due diligence; review budget and scope of work.

Closing & Funding (Day 8)

Distribute closing documents; disburse funds net of renovation holdbacks.

Post-Closing Rehab (and Construction) Draw Process

Review third-party property inspection; validate rehab work conducted; issue draw approval and release funds.


Borrower either repays the loan from the proceeds of the property sale or refinances into a longer-term loan.